The Outfit (Book 2): Blood and AshesTHE OUTFIT (BOOK 2): BLOOD AND ASHES
Hot off the presses and up for grabs!

That’s right, folks, THE OUTFIT, aka, that bar-brawling, wrong-righting, cigar-chomping gang of malcontents—Rafe Barr, Cookie McGee, Black Jack Smith, Doc “Deathbed” Jones, and more!—just thundered back into town and boy, have they been busy since kicking keisters and taking names in The Outfit (Book 1) To Hell and Back.

They’re faced with a threat they thought they’d long ago stomped to death: a clot of Confederate die-hards called The Brotherhood of the Phoenix, whose rallying cry is: “The South shall rise from the ashes, reborn!” And to mark its snaky rebirth, they’ve staged a gambling tournament … and a lynching, with President Ulysses S. Grant as the soon-to-be-swingin’ guest of honor!

Stakes are high and the men bet all hoping to save the President, and prevent the rebirth of a scourge long thought dead. Will THE OUTFIT arrive in time to extinguish the rising flames of villainy and hatred?

Gaaah! But wait! How does it end? Click on, my friends….