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(Book 2 in The Outfit series)

Pub. Date: October 18, 2017

Life at the Barr-McGee ranch has settled into a pleasant lull of work and rest for members of THE OUTFIT. But big Rafe Barr stews about his wife and son’s murderer, and leaves to search for resolution, revenge, reckoning. Meanwhile, Black Jack Smith attends a high-stakes poker tournament in Santa Fe, where he encounters the powerful covert Brotherhood of the Phoenix. The group plans to make good on its rallying cry: “The South shall rise from the ashes, reborn!” in a brutal public lynching—with visiting President Ulysses S. Grant as its swinging centerpiece. Rafe and Cookie ride for Santa Fe with Doc in tow, driving his latest invention, Ethel the War Wagon. Stakes are high and the men bet all hoping to save the President, and prevent the rebirth of a scourge long thought dead. Will THE OUTFIT arrive in time to extinguish the rising flames of villainy and hatred?

Five Star Publishing, 310 pages, October 2017

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“Civil War hero Rafe Barr and Cookie McGee, partners in a ranch who have ridden trails together, find themselves again in several predicaments. After Rafe’s wife and son were killed, he was accused of their murder and sent to jail. Now out of jail, released by the Yuma prison warden, he still has to hide from the law and sets out to learn who killed his family. The story takes you in many directions as each character from The Outfit goes off on their own. They meet slipshod characters out to harm them and others. As you read, you will keep wondering how the individual adventures of The Outfit will come together. The story contains many surprises that will retain your interest to the end.”

—Roundup Magazine

“Mayo presents an action-filled fantasy tale placed in the Old West … a fun read. Mayo has left much unsolved at the end of the tale, promising that the Outfit will return.”