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April,  2018: Invigorating Passages (Anthology)

April,  2018: The Outfit: Blood and Ashes (Large Print)

May, 2018: Timberline: A Roamer Western (Hardcover)

June, 2018: The Trading Post (Anthology)



The Outfit (Book 2): Blood and Ashes

“Cookie McGee! If you dip your grimy finger in my biscuit batter one more time I’ll lop it off and wear it around my neck!” Arlene Tewksbury poised the gleaming cleaver high above her head as if she could not wait to drive it downward, batter or no, and make good on her frightening promise.

That stayed the old trail hound’s knobby hand, a curled finger dripping golden biscuit batter from the generous dollop he’d scooped for himself.

“Oh,” he said, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his reedy neck. “Miss Tewksbury, didn’t see you there….”

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Countdown … Over! STRANDED is Officially Released Today

It is, May 17, 2017, official release day of my new novel, STRANDED: A STORY OF FRONTIER SURVIVAL. As with so many things in life, the lead-up has threatened to eclipse the moment. In STRANDED’s case, momentum has built steadily and I am quite pleased by early reviews...

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Booklist Digs STRANDED

Booklist reviews gives my new novel, STRANDED, a jim-dandy assessment: “Mayo, an accomplished and award-winning author, has taken a small historical incident and developed a readable tale of frontier challenge and survival. The Riker family— father, daughter, and two...

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True West Magazine Digs The Outfit

I was pleased to discover a recent thumbs-up review of my novel, The Outfit: To Hell and Back, in one of my favorite publications, True West Magazine. Here’s what reviewer, Bill Markley (whose book, Deadwood Dead Men, is a great read, by the way), had to say: In...

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The prestigious Historical Novel Society has delivered a glowing review of my soon-to-be-released novel, Stranded, in its May, 2017, issue 80 of its print and web publication, The Historical Novels Review.   Here’s a link:...

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My talented wife, photographer/videographer Jennifer Smith-Mayo, created this amazing trailer to promote my upcoming book, STRANDED: A Story of Frontier Survival, due out May 17, 2017. (Content Warning: If you think the world should be filled with rainbows, unicorns,...

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