Yep, pards, for the first time since its founding in 1953, the Western Writers of America (WWA) will hold its annual convention east of the Mississippi River. Knoxville, Tennessee will play host this June 22-26 to a few hundred folks sporting cowboy hats and toting typewriters, me among them—though I’ll be wearing my trusty Red Sox cap.

Western Writers of AmericaThe 2010 convention looks to be a corker, and events will include, due to proximity to Nashville, WWA’s official vote on the greatest Western songs of all time, plus panels on Indian writers, the Trail of Tears, Davy Crockett, and more. Planned side trips include a visit to Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and a visit to the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians. Also planned is the annual mass book signing and Spur Awards banquets. And Pulitzer Prize winner, N. Scott Momaday, will be presented with this year’s Owen Wister Award for lifetime contributions to the literature of the American West.

The convention is open to members and non-members, and as always, promises to be jam-packed with activities, business, and perhaps a bit of time left over for bellying up to the bar. Visit for the full feedbag. See you there, pards!