Apr 232015

Shotgun Charlie

Ha! Just when you thought it was safe to leave the house … my latest action-packed Western rides into town on June 2! SHOTGUN CHARLIE, another for the Ralph Compton line, is a prequel to my 2013 novel THE HUNTED. This one takes place back when reader favorite Big Charlie Chilton was still a stripling, and brings him face to face with hard characters and harsh circumstances that earn him a nickname he does not like….

Big for his age, young and impressionable drifter Charlie Chilton is taken in by the gruff leader of a gang of small-time crooks and ne’er do wells who sees something of himself in kindly, wayward Charlie. But an ambitious ruffian with a shady past soon joins the gang, convincing Charlie’s friends to pursue a big score. Charlie fails to thwart the crime and the heist turns bloody. As the only gang member caught alive, Big Charlie will soon swing for the very outrages he tried to prevent.

He makes a daring escape, determined to track down Haskell and the gang and prove his innocence. Hot on Charlie’s heels, a mysterious marshal and a posse of angry townsmen track him far to the north, into the High Sierra. Weaponless and with a vicious winter storm closing in, Big Charlie must find the killers and thieves before the seething posse turns vigilante and hangs him high.

(Intrigued? Giddy-up! SHOTGUN CHARLIE is up for preorder now … everywhere! Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Indiebound)

Mar 122015

Mason the MankillerI’m happy to announce the rerelease of my 2008 novel, Hot Lead, Cold Heart, in a new, updated, revised spiffed format–complete with a bold new title: Mason the Mankiller! It’s brought out by Five Star’s Wheeler Large Print line and emerged blinking and snarling yesterday! Check out that bold cover–there’s no messing around with Mason the Mankiller….

Mar 052015

Myth Hunters TV SeriesLast spring I was invited to participate in an episode of a popular TV show called Myth Hunters as an “on-screen expert.” Yowza! So in June we altered our travel plans slightly and cruised into Denver, where I was grilled under hot lights for three hours about … Colorado’s Legend of Treasure Mountain, a long, fascinating tale of hordes of lost gold!

Here’s a link to a trailer about the episode:


Did I mention the treasure is still out there, undiscovered … and worth millions? Now, where’s my pickaxe?

Sep 202014

Blood Trail to Tall Pine by Matthew P. MayoI have the pleasure to announce that Five Star/Wheeler Publishing’s Large Print line will bring out one of my previous novels, WRONG TOWN, in a new and improved version, retitled and repackaged. This time out the book’s called BLOOD TRAIL TO TALL PINE (A ROAMER WESTERN). Yep, it’s the first in a series of Roamer novels. The second is in the works and should ride on out of the canyon, lead buzzing overhead, in 2015.

The bold new large print version of BLOOD TRAIL TO TALL PINE (formerly WRONG TOWN) is up for sale at the usual online outlets. And best of all, it’s the first of three rereleases of some of my older books that Five Star plans on bringing out over the next few months. The second, due out in December, is a reworked, repackaged version of my novel, WINTERS’ WAR. This time out it’s called HIGH ROCKS REVENGE (A WINTERS FAMILY RANCH NOVEL), the first in a series about the Winters family and their ranching triumphs and travails in the shadow of Wyoming’s Teton Range in the 1870s.

The third book to come out as a new, spiffed large-print version will be my novel, HOT LEAD, COLD HEART. The new version, MASON THE MANKILLER, is, for those who’ve not (yet) read it, an adventure from the end of Mason the Mankiller’s long career as the famous “killer of killers.” That book is also set up to be the first in a series of stories from Mason’s long career.

I only hope I have enough time to write them all! In the meantime, I’m pleased as punch to see these books given new duds and access to a whole slice of readers they might not otherwise have reached. Ride ’em, boys!


Aug 152014

TERRIBLE TESSYo-ho-ho, buccaneers! Gritty Press has just released my short story, TERRIBLE TESS — a story of positively piratical proportions! (Sorry, slipped into Stan Lee mode there for a moment!)

Scurvy-ridden marauders have wrested control of the Tess, locked the captain, crew, and young runaway, Corbin, in the hold to wither and die. The captain’s wife? They keep her above decks.

What the ill-bred raiders don’t know is that an unseen evil will soon turn the Tess into a floating hell….

Click below to pillage your very own copy today!

Available: Kindle | NOOK | KOBO (coming soon!)

Jul 292014

FUR FANG and SHADOWHoly dripping fang, flying furball, and shadowy imp! Gritty Press has just released FUR, FANG & SHADOW, a Triple-Shot of my Creepy Creature Short Stories (with yet another excellent cover, I might add). I’m a big fan of B-movie monsters, twist endings, and pulpy tales, and these stories teem with freakish beasts and the havoc they wreak….

KIN, in which a viperous attack leads to a death-race like no other….

SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME, in which a shade-creature watches in silence from a backyard tree….

ROADSIDE ATTRACTION, in which a carny and his caged man-beast work the circuit—until the beast wises up….

In FUR, FANG & SHADOW, I broke the lock and rummaged in a forgotten trunk filled with snarling varmints and disturbing moments. Oh dear, I should have left the trunk locked.

If you insist on poking your head in, don’t blame me if you end up needing rabies shots, stitches, transfusions, and therapy. But if you really insist, here’s where you can find your very own copy of FUR, FANG & SHADOW….

Available now: Kindle | NOOK | KOBO

Jul 222014

OUT OF THE FOGHoly chain mail, broadsword, and brimmin’ flagon! Gritty Press has released another of my short stories! This time, it’s OUT OF THE FOG (A Tale of Flench and the Freebooter), a barbarian story in which I do my best to channel the juju of Robert E. Howard in his wonderful Conan adventures.

OUT OF THE FOG is a subtle story, in that it’s about what happens just before something happens. It’s intended as an introduction to my barbaric trio: Flench, the crippled stable hand; the freebooter himself, and his eternally steamed warhorse. I can’t wait to send the three of them on more adventures! Hoist a tankard … or get outta the way, ’cause it’s barbarian time! And stay tuned to Channel Gritty….

Available now: Kindle | NOOK | KOBO

Jul 142014

The Witch Hole Cover

Gritty Press is in the midst of releasing revamped, revised versions of a number of my older short stories, many of which are no longer in print. I’m giving them all a good going over, tightening, loosening, expanding, contracting, scrubbing, and polishing them as needed. They run the range from Western to sci-fi, fantasy to horror, hardboiled crime to straight-up action, and they’re jam-packed with barbarians, time travelers, pirates, cowboys, drug addicts, and other such curious creatures.

It’s been fun and enlightening for me to revisit these stories, and gratifying to see them once again out  and about in the world, in freshly spiffed, readily available e-book versions. And speaking of … these Gritty Press releases also sport some of my favorite covers ever. Turns out uber-photographer Jennifer Smith-Mayo is also one heck of a graphic designer (but we knew that).

But wait! It gets better: They’re priced right—a mere 99 cents a pop! Ideal for a slice of distractive entertainment on the bus, train, plane, or auto (passengers only!).

Been a Long Time Cover

Over the next many weeks and months, Gritty Press will continue to release a veritable slew of my stories and novellas—some revised, some new-and-never-published. The first two offerings are already available: A dangerous horror short story, THE WITCH HOLE, that has apparently creeped out a number of readers (excellent, I say!), and BEEN A  LONG TIME, a Western sci-fi time-travel story that makes the argument that vacations should be avoided at all costs….

Buy your copies soon! And hurry! I need more coffee, I tell ya! I’m runnin’ low on the jitter juice and I’ve left an intrepid jungle explorer in a right terrible situation….

Available: Kindle | NOOK | KOBO

Available: Kindle | NOOK | KOBO

May 062014

Double Cross Ranch by Matthew P. Mayo

Yep, another one of my books hits the shelves, but this time it’s a Western novel called DOUBLE CROSS RANCH. And it’s up for sale today, May 6—in Kindle and paperback versions! Giddy-up, pards….

Here’s a bit about the book:


Rancher Ty Farraday’s hunt for stray cattle takes a turn for the worse when he discovers a shallow grave and the body of wealthy Alton Winstead, the owner of the Double-Cross Ranch. Ty’s first frantic thoughts are of Winstead’s widow, Sue-Ellen, who picked Alton over him. Unfortunately, she chose poorly.

Alton masterminded a crime and left his helpers to swing for it. Hungry for revenge, the murderous headcases have overrun the Double-Cross and are holding Sue-Ellen prisoner. They believe she’s harboring some very important information. Ty boldly rescues her from the ranch—to find their troubles are only beginning….

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