Coming Up

May, 2018: Timberline: A Roamer Western (Hardcover)

June, 2018: The Trading Post (Anthology)

October,  2018: The Outfit: Outlawed! (Hardcover)


(A Roamer Western)

Timberline Cover

I never expected to see a monkey that morning at the Williwaw train station. It being the middle of October made the discovery all the odder. Seems to me monkeys shouldn’t be in the fickle climate of northern Oregon. They should be in tropical places, enjoying fruit and squabbling with other monkeys high up in the treetops. Of course, none of this stopped me and the dozen or so other folks waiting on the rain-sogged loading platform from staring at the little creature….

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Hey there, Pards! On May 16, 2018, my newest novel, TIMBERLINE: A ROAMER WESTERN, sees its official release in hardcover and ebook versions. Here’s the gritty lowdown: A high-country train trek turns into a blizzard-bound trainwreck-from-hell for Roamer as a gang of...

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STRANDED’s Big Weekend!

Jen, Miss Tess, and I returned to our wee homestead in Maine late yesterday following a stunning weekend in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. What, you may ask, were we doing so far from home? Well, pull up a chunk of oak and warm your hands by the campfire while I tell you....

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Spurred and Shaken!

I am pleased to announce that my novel, STRANDED: A STORY OF FRONTIER SURVIVAL, has won the 2018 Spur Award for Best Western Juvenile Fiction from Western Writers of America. This grand news, following on the heels of the announcement that STRANDED won the 2018...

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I found out several days ago that my novel, STRANDED: A STORY OF FRONTIER SURVIVAL, has been awarded the 2018 Western Heritage Wrangler Award for Outstanding Western Novel by the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. (Here’s a link:...

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What, I hear you say, does that Mayo character have in common with super-actress, Dame Helen Mirren? Well, pull up a camp stool and I’ll tell you. It has to do with the release of WINCHESTER, the new movie starring Helen Mirren, about the intriguing, if odd, Mrs....

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