Mar 172014

Jerks in New England History

I was recently interviewed by Vermont Public Radio about my book, JERKS IN NEW ENGLAND HISTORY. The brief interview aired last week and is now posted online. This one focused mostly on a few nefarious knuckleheads from Vermont’s past, but offers a good idea of what the rest of the book contains.

So for anyone interested in learning a wee bit about a handful of New England’s old-school scoundrels, here’s your chance….

Mar 032014

Somewhere, Sometime ...I’ve just been told that big machines are, this very minute, slapping down the ink on Lowestoft Chronicle Press’s 2014 print anthology, SOMEWHERE, SOMETIME…. The release date of this collection is March 15, 2014. I’m excited to be included among the many fine contributors, in part because the antho contains an interview with me plus a previously unpublished short story of mine. SOMEWHERE, SOMETIME…. is up for preorder now….

But wait, there’s more!

Also, in Lowestoft-related news, the Spring issue of Lowestoft Chronicle, the excellent online magazine, is now live. Among many promising pieces I’m looking forward to reading is a choice story from one of the finest writers of my acquaintance, Allister Timms. Click on over for good reading.

Jan 082014

The Hunted Large Print EditionAnd with this bright, shiny new year comes a pile of promise for exciting experiences in places we’ve not visited before. New and different, new and different … I wish everyone many new and different experiences this year.

And speaking of new (ish) … my novel, The Hunted, first released in August in mass-market paperback, once again sees the light of day, this time on January 8, in hardcover, large-print format. Check out that dandy cover….

Dec 142013

Livin' on Jacks and QueensKnow any gamblers? Have any fans of Westerns in the family? Do you happen to like collections of top-notch stories? If you answered “Yessireebob!” to any of the above, then make room on your Christmas list for a copy of the hot new Robert Randisi-edited, gambling-themed, short-story anthology, LIVIN’ ON JACKS AND QUEENS (in case you were curious, that’s a line taken from the classic “Maverick” theme song).

Make no mistake, I’m a shameless huckster–the anthology contains my story, “Pay the Ferryman”….

Here’s the official blurb and lineup:

Legendary western writer and noted anthologist Robert J. Randisi offers up a winning hand with fourteen never-before-published tales of the Old West, each revolving around the central theme of gambling. Among the stories you can expect to be dealt here are:

Jacks or Better by Johnny Boggs
A Cold Deck by Phil Dunlap
The Reckoning by Randy Lee Eickhoff
It Takes a Gambler by Jerry Guin
Odds on a Lawman by Christine Matthews
Pay the Ferryman by Matthew P. Mayo
White Face, Red Blood by Rod Miller
Hazard by Nik Morton
Acey Deucy by John Nesbitt
The Mark of an Imposter by Scott Parker
Horseshoe and Pistols by Robert J. Randisi
Too Many Aces by Charlie Steel
Missouri Boat Race by Chuck Tyrell
The Legend of ‘Blind Ned’ Baldwin by Lori Van Pelt

Dec 032013
Tucker's Reckoning Mass Market Paperback

Tucker’s Reckoning Mass Market Paperback

Just when you thought the world has had all the versions of Tucker’s Reckoning it could possibly use (hardcover, e-book, audio files, CD, large print), today, December 3, sees its release in mass-market format (that’s the handy-dandy pocket-size paperback)–just in time for Christmas!

Giddy-up, pards, and click here for your very own copy!

Nov 302013

Lowestoft Chronicle Issue16I’m always impressed with the quarterly online literary magazine, Lowestoft Chronicle — it’s filled with intriguing fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and interviews. So when Nicholas Litchfield, the man behind the Chronicle, emailed me a while ago asking me for an interview, I was honored.

Well, the Winter Issue (#16) is now out, and tucked in amongst the pieces of fine writing is that interview with little ol’ me. Hope you like it!

Nov 242013

San Angelo, TexasWhere have we been? What have we been up to? Good question….

In the past six months we sold our home in Maine and most of our stuff, bought a monster truck (a Ford F250) and a rolling home (an Airstream Flying Cloud with solar panels, Wi-Fi, and room for a wolverine….), and took to the byways of North America as full-time nomads.

Why on Earth would we do this? Hmm….

Visit our travel blog, Trail Dust, at to find out!

Nov 212013
Jerks in New England History

Jerks in New England History

My newest book has just been released, and it is one of the most delicious I’ve had the privilege to research and write. The title alone should explain why: SPEAKING ILL OF THE DEAD: JERKS IN NEW ENGLAND HISTORY. In addition to dishing the dirt on a number of New England’s nastiest baddies and incompetents, I had fun once again digging around the rich, overgrown garden patch that is New England history.

JERKS IN NEW ENGLAND HISTORY clocks in at 232 pages, sells for $16.95 in a 6. x 9 softcover, and I just know it would make a dandy Christmas present (hint hint)! Here’s a quick run-down of what’s inside:

The lives of notorious bad guys, perpetrators of mischief, visionary–if misunderstood–thinkers, and other colorful antiheroes, jerks, and evil doers from history all get their due in the short essays featured in this enlightening, informative book.

Award-winning author Matthew P. Mayo’s SPEAKING ILL OF THE DEAD: JERKS IN NEW ENGLAND HISTORY features twenty short biographies of nefarious characters, from a number of villainous pirates to that hero-turned-traitor, Benedict Arnold. From the brilliant-but-bullying Samuel Colt to that hot-headed Puritan, John Endecott. From Charles W. Morse, serial monopolist, cheat, liar, and swindler, to Emeline Meaker and Mary Rogers, otherwise known as the Vermont’s Lady Killers. And many, many more tales of foul New Englanders doing their best to be bad.

Take a peek–you won’t believe the depths of jerkiness to which these nefarious New Englanders stooped!

Sep 112013

Despite the fact that I’ve not chimed in with an update in more than a month, all’s well here at Casa Mayo. Quiet in this case equals busy. Lots of books and stories bubbling on the stove, lots of dandy news roasting on the spit. I’ll mention just a few tidbits at present, then more as they finish cookin’.

First up, my newest novel, The Hunted (a whip-crackin’ Western for the Ralph Compton line), was released in August in mass-market and e-book formats. It’s a corker and it’s selling like hotcakes. Hotcakes, I tell ya! Click the cover to find out all about it and to buy your very own copy in your choice of format.

The Hunted by Matthew P. Mayo

Next up, a new installment in a shared-world series of novels by members of the professional writers group, Western Fictioneers. Set in the fictional Kansas town of Wolf Creek, circa 1870, the latest installment (Book 7), Wolf Creek: The Quick and The Dying, is once again credited to the shared author name “Ford Fargo,” and sees official release on September 15. My contribution is chapter one, and features my character, one-armed town drunk Rupert Tingley. He gets into quite a scrape within the first few pages … and then things really heat up!

The Quick and the Dying

Next, we have a dandy new anthology, Peacemaker Tales, from Western Fictioneers collecting all the stories that have been nominated and/or won WF Peacemaker Awards. I’m pleased to note that my story, “Scourge of the Spoils,” a steampunk Western outing (from the 2010 DAW Books anthology, Steampunk’d) is included. Here’s the very cool cover:

Peacemaker Tales

And next, my latest non-fiction book, Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in New England History (Globe Pequot Press) comes out on November 6, and it’s absolutely filled with true tales of the slimiest scoundrels in the six states that make up the Northeast corner of the US. Click on the cover for the full lowdown on these vile villains….

Jerks in New England History

And next, the cover of the new version of my (ahem!) Spur Award-winnin’ novel, Tucker’s Reckoning. This time out it’s in large-print, hardcover, released in November. I think it’s a manly looking brute of a book, just perfect for tired eyes … or reading while bouncing around on a treadmill:

Tuckers Reckoning Large Print

And … just when you thought the world has had all the versions of Tucker’s Reckoning it can possibly use (hardcover, e-book, audio files, CD, large print), early December will see its release in mass-market format (that’s pocket-size paperback)–just in time for Christmas! Yee-haw, I say. Yee-dang-haw! (And it’s up for pre-order on Amazon as we speak….)

Tuckers Reckoning Mass Market

That’s it for now. But rest assured, there’s loads more groovy news to come. And when I say loads, I mean … lots and lots and lots. Stay tuned!