In its new 2010 Arts issue, Big Sky Journal, a lifestyle and culture magazine of the Northern Rockies, has run an excerpt from my book, Cowboys, Mountain Men & Grizzly Bears. The excerpt appears as the issue’s “Images of the West” column. The chapter chosen is “The Great Die-Up,” about the horrific winter of 1886-1887 in Montana, and all over the nation, in fact.
Big Sky Journal
And the nifty bit is that the article includes a handful of historic works of art–with extended captions–that don’t appear in my book. I think the piece looks grand and I hope readers do, too. (But most of all, I hope readers will be so overwhelmed with emotion that they will buy two dozen copies (each) of my book to give as Christmas gifts! After all, it’s never too early to think of others…. )

Click here for an online preview of the article.