Why, it’s Needle: A Magazine of Noir! And if I may be so bold, it’s one of the hottest looking publications to come along in some time. I’m not just saying that because the brand-spanking-new issue, Winter 2010, contains one of my stories, a tale of drugs, murder, and store-bought pie….

Here’s the lowdown:
Needle: A Magazine of Noir, is a tri-annual publication featuring tales of murder and mayhem. New fiction by Graham Powell, Matthew C. Funk, Sophie Littlefield, Graham Bowlin, Michael Gonzales, Kieran Shea, Richard Godwin, Anthony Neil Smith, Matthew P. Mayo, Matthew McBride, and Libby Cudmore. And featuring PART ONE of the new novel by Ray Banks – WOLF TICKETS.

That’s a beefy 202 pages, plus a drop-dead cover, all for the reasonable tag of $7.50. Go ahead, grab the Needle!