On Tuesday, December 14, 2010, I had the great honor of being the guest on the top-shelf Vermont Public Radio show, Vermont Edition. Host Jane Lindholm asked me intriguing questions about my new book, Bootleggers, Lobstermen & Lumberjacks, and I did my best to not sound like I was gargling gravel. The cool bit is that the show is taped live—and it was a call-in! We received calls and emails from people who had their own “gritty” tales to tell. And did I mention it has a listenership of 180,000 people? And they all promised to buy a copy of my book! Okay, one of those statements is a fib….

Since VPR is based in … Vermont, and I’m in Maine, we arranged for me to use Maine Public Broadcasting’s Bangor studios. And since my wife and I are regular listeners of MPR, it was a treat for us to experience all the groovy behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on there. Special thanks to MPBN’s Rich Tozier (Maine’s voice of jazz) for being a most gracious host.

After the live VPR show, MPBN interviewed me for a segment that will air at some point this week. I’ll keep you posted. Now that I’m a celebrity, I have to go get my hair done. Signing off….