At long last, it’s the anthology everyone’s been barking, howling, and growling about….

Mondo Sasquatch
Now it can be told! MONDO SASQUATCH, a Bigfoot anthology, is stalking through the forest on its way to a summer release! Under the “Bookgasm Presents” banner, Mondo Sasquatch is exactly what its title promises: A Bigfoot anthology with 15 offerings that will leave you frightened, bewildered, excited, aroused, and nervous.
More information is on its way, but in the meantime, dig that groovy cover and feast your eyes on the contents:

• “I Have Always Wondered What Bigfoot Meat Tastes Like: An Introduction” by Louis Fowler

• “Arlo Felling Exists” by Richard Tiernan
• “Bigfoot and the Bone Face Murders” by Michael May

• “Bigfoot Must Die” by Frankie Marino

• “From Hell’s Heart” by Desmond Reddick

• “Incident at Crater Lake” by Casey Criswell

• “Roadside Attraction” by Matthew P. Mayo

• “Sacrifice” by Shawn Gilbreath

• “Sasquatch vs. El Chupacabra” by Douglas Waltz

• “Strike” by Michael D. Winkle

• “The Ballad of the Skunk Ape” by Jarret Keene

• “The Encounter” by Mike White

• “The Tale of Peter Rabbit and the Sasquatch” by Beatrix Potter and Rod Lott

• “The Tragic Hazing of Bryan Igfoot” by Eric Dimbleby

• “Theodore Roosevelt and the Great American Anthropoid” by Bill Adcock