Though not officially released until July 1, 2011, the astounding anthology, How the West Was Weird: Volume II, a collection of Weird Western tales from Pulpwork Press, was just reviewed at the always-excellent site All Pulp.

Weird West CoverI’m pleased to report that the reviewer, Tommy Hancock, dug my story, “The Witch Hole,” and more importantly, he understood what I had in mind when I wrote it–that old 1950s and ’60s EC Comics/DC House of Mystery vibe! It’s a fuzzy, good feeling when that happens. Here’s what the reviewer had to say about “The Witch Hole”:

“Let me admit, this type of tale is not usually my favorite. I can’t really tell you why, except that I wasn’t the kid who was into the mystery comics and such when I was young. And this one reads as if it would fit perfectly in an old DC House of Mystery or an EC comic. That, however, is the reason that I liked it as much as I did–because as I read it, I could see the artwork, I could see the creepy green and black coloring. The set up, the premise, and the characters smack heavily and enjoyably of that 1950s and 60s weird tale comic story, even though it’s in prose. FOUR OUT OF FIVE TIPS OF THE HAT.”