Christmas Campfire Companion

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Christmas Campfire Companion! Yes, sireebob, this is the jolliest jingle-iest collection of Western-themed short stories to gallop down the trail since (well, since this summer’s blockbuster doorstop anthology from Western Fictioneers, The Traditional West, which, at the special Holiday blowout price of $3.99 for the ebook, is a-holymoly-mazing! Don’t wait!)….

Where was I? Ah yes, this collection, Christmas Campfire Companion, published by Port Yonder Press, is available in paperback, ebook, and hardcover formats. It’s a Christmas-themed anthology of 14 heartwarming stories by some of the biggest names in the Western fiction world, including L.J. Washburn, Troy D. Smith, Frank Roderus, Tim Champlin, Larry D. Sweazy, Robert Vaughan, Douglas Hirt, Dusty Richards, Kerry Newcomb, Robert Randisi, Rod Miller, James Reasoner, Terry Burns, and … me!

I’m honored to have my writing included in the book with so many fine writers whose work I’ve long admired. My story, featuring my old friend, the crusty-but-kindly mountain man, Maple Jack, unspools his first meeting in what becomes a longtime association with a young man he names “Roamer.” Roamer’s unique life story develops in its own direction. (He’s already starred in my 2008 novel, Wrong Town, soon to be rereleased in ebook and paperback formats, and will follow that up with the lead role in his own series. Stay tuned!). And if that weren’t enough, his mentor, Maple Jack, is the head honcho in his own series of stories, thus far in a variety of anthologies, but rumor has it that a Maple Jack collection is in the works. Boy howdy….

But back to Christmas Campfire Companion! Folks, this is good, honest, Christmastime heartwarming storytelling for the whole family. There’s not a selection here that wouldn’t be suitable for reading aloud to the family on a snowy Christmas eve. Ho ho ho!