Wrong Town - Roamer Book 1

Top-selling Western author Peter Brandvold recently reviewed WRONG TOWN on Amazon and he made my week: “I loved ROAMER: WRONG TOWN, and can’t wait for the next one in the series. This is fiction writing at its best, and some of the best writing you’ll find in the western field. If you’re a fan of well-written westerns, you won’t regret adding this one to your collection, and you’ll have a damn good time doing it.”

Coming from Peter Brandvold, I couldn’t be happier, especially given that Mr. Brandvold is one of my favorite authors. His books are ripping reads populated with real people in real circumstances dealing with life as best they can, sometimes having fun with it, sometimes digging in their heels, loading their guns, and toughing it out. But above all else, his books are well written. Needless to say, his kind praise of my writing is most appreciated (and not a little humbling, too!).