Sourdoughs, Claim Jumpers & Dry Gulchers: Fifty of the Grittiest Moments in the History of Frontier Prospecting

Sourdoughs, Claim Jumpers
& Dry Gulchers

Or more to the point, the pursuit of gold that’s the focus of my newly released non-fiction book, SOURDOUGHS, CLAIM JUMPERS & DRY GULCHERS: Fifty of the Grittiest Moments in the History of Frontier Prospecting (TwoDot; softcover; 6 x 9; 300 pages; 28 historic images; $16.95).

Its official release date was June 5, but I’m a few days late in trumpeting since my wife, Jennifer, and I just returned from a trip out West. We were presenting at the Wyoming Writers conference and then touring that fine state. It wasn’t our first visit to the Cowboy State, but it was one of our favorites–Yellowstone, trail rides, the Tetons, great food, kind people, and history, history, history! But I digress….

My new book, SOURDOUGHS, CLAIM JUMPERS & DRY GULCHERS, is the third in my “Grittiest Moments” series for Globe Pequot Press and its Western history imprint, TwoDot. And if sales of the previous volumes are any indication, this one should find a welcome reception with readers as well. Here’s a blurb about the book:

Sourdoughs, Claim Jumpers & Dry Gulchers offers half-a-hundred tales of hard-bitten sourdoughs, petty bandits, outright outlaws, guilt-free gunmen, and murderous money-grubbers as they scrabbled to gain the lands, foodstuffs, and fortunes of wide-eyed greenhorns, gullible and trusting tenderfoots, and slow-on-the-draw gold panners. These 50 moments are truly gritty, sometimes humorous, often shocking and brutal, and always all-too-true!

I hope you enjoy reading SOURDOUGHS, CLAIM JUMPERS & DRY GULCHERS as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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