Haunted Old West

Haunted Old West

It’s my latest book: HAUNTED OLD WEST: Phantom Cowboys, Spirit-Filled Saloons, Mystical Mine Camps, and Spectral Indians. The book is as much a collection of 28 all-too-true tales Old West ghosts, ghouls, and haunted sites—and how they got that way—as it is a travel guide for the modern ghost hunter. Two appendices: “Wanted Posters” (a detailed listing of select source materials); and “Saddle Up, Pard!” (a chapter-by-chapter listing of locations, dates, times).

As I wrote the book, I imagined folks sitting around a campfire, taking turns reading aloud from it as the fire cracks and pops. Night closes in, and too late they notice glowing eyes just beyond the ring of firelight….

All too soon the last log’s been burned, the last s’more eaten and … it’s a long walk to the tent.

From the back cover of HAUNTED OLD WEST (Globe Pequot Press; 240 pages; 28 chapters and 2 appendices: bibliography; where and how to get there):

28 howling hauntings from the raw mountain passes and wind-stripped plains of the Old West!

The Old West is filled with enough phenomenal happenings, curious mysteries, and ghastly ghosts to send chills up and down any spine. Haunted Old West is the petrifyingly perfect collection for campfire gatherings and makes an eerily ideal guide for a ghost-hunting trip to the Old West.

In these pages explore horror-filled mine shafts and outrun herds of stampeding spectral cattle. Stumble upon a supernatural saloon, investigate ghost towns teeming with residents of the afterlife, and feel phantom freight trains pass through your body. Haunted Old West provides the inside story on some of the most actively haunted spots in the great American West, including:

Ghostly Garnet: In summer, visitors frequent this best-preserved ghost town in Montana, but it is winter when Garnet truly comes alive. Raucous music can be heard within the Kelly Saloon, and the blacksmith’s ringing anvil punctuates the sounds of a busy 1880s street scene. Yes indeed, Garnet puts the “ghost” in ghost town.

Bandit Ghoul of Six Mile Canyon: Respected businessman by day, bandit gang leader by night, Big Jack Davis amasses a fortune robbing trains, stagecoaches, and bullion wagons in 1860s Nevada. Shot in the back while robbing a stagecoach, Big Jack is now a shrieking white demon, flapping wings sprouted from his wounds and driving off anyone who gets too close to his buried loot.

Haunted Old West is the petrifyingly perfect collection for any campfire gathering. Grab a copy … if you dare!