Livin' on Jacks and QueensKnow any gamblers? Have any fans of Westerns in the family? Do you happen to like collections of top-notch stories? If you answered “Yessireebob!” to any of the above, then make room on your Christmas list for a copy of the hot new Robert Randisi-edited, gambling-themed, short-story anthology, LIVIN’ ON JACKS AND QUEENS (in case you were curious, that’s a line taken from the classic “Maverick” theme song).

Make no mistake, I’m a shameless huckster–the anthology contains my story, “Pay the Ferryman”….

Here’s the official blurb and lineup:

Legendary western writer and noted anthologist Robert J. Randisi offers up a winning hand with fourteen never-before-published tales of the Old West, each revolving around the central theme of gambling. Among the stories you can expect to be dealt here are:

Jacks or Better by Johnny Boggs
A Cold Deck by Phil Dunlap
The Reckoning by Randy Lee Eickhoff
It Takes a Gambler by Jerry Guin
Odds on a Lawman by Christine Matthews
Pay the Ferryman by Matthew P. Mayo
White Face, Red Blood by Rod Miller
Hazard by Nik Morton
Acey Deucy by John Nesbitt
The Mark of an Imposter by Scott Parker
Horseshoe and Pistols by Robert J. Randisi
Too Many Aces by Charlie Steel
Missouri Boat Race by Chuck Tyrell
The Legend of ‘Blind Ned’ Baldwin by Lori Van Pelt