OUT OF THE FOGHoly chain mail, broadsword, and brimmin’ flagon! Gritty Press has released another of my short stories! This time, it’s OUT OF THE FOG (A Tale of Flench and the Freebooter), a barbarian story in which I do my best to channel the juju of Robert E. Howard in his wonderful Conan adventures.

OUT OF THE FOG is a subtle story, in that it’s about what happens just before something happens. It’s intended as an introduction to my barbaric trio: Flench, the crippled stable hand; the freebooter himself, and his eternally steamed warhorse. I can’t wait to send the three of them on more adventures! Hoist a tankard … or get outta the way, ’cause it’s barbarian time! And stay tuned to Channel Gritty….

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