FUR FANG and SHADOWHoly dripping fang, flying furball, and shadowy imp! Gritty Press has just released FUR, FANG & SHADOW, a Triple-Shot of my Creepy Creature Short Stories (with yet another excellent cover, I might add). I’m a big fan of B-movie monsters, twist endings, and pulpy tales, and these stories teem with freakish beasts and the havoc they wreak….

KIN, in which a viperous attack leads to a death-race like no other….

SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME, in which a shade-creature watches in silence from a backyard tree….

ROADSIDE ATTRACTION, in which a carny and his caged man-beast work the circuit—until the beast wises up….

In FUR, FANG & SHADOW, I broke the lock and rummaged in a forgotten trunk filled with snarling varmints and disturbing moments. Oh dear, I should have left the trunk locked.

If you insist on poking your head in, don’t blame me if you end up needing rabies shots, stitches, transfusions, and therapy. But if you really insist, here’s where you can find your very own copy of FUR, FANG & SHADOW….

Available now: Kindle | NOOK | KOBO