Blood Trail to Tall Pine by Matthew P. MayoI have the pleasure to announce that Five Star/Wheeler Publishing’s Large Print line will bring out one of my previous novels, WRONG TOWN, in a new and improved version, retitled and repackaged. This time out the book’s called BLOOD TRAIL TO TALL PINE (A ROAMER WESTERN). Yep, it’s the first in a series of Roamer novels. The second is in the works and should ride on out of the canyon, lead buzzing overhead, in 2015.

The bold new large print version of BLOOD TRAIL TO TALL PINE (formerly WRONG TOWN) is up for sale at the usual online outlets. And best of all, it’s the first of three rereleases of some of my older books that Five Star plans on bringing out over the next few months. The second, due out in December, is a reworked, repackaged version of my novel, WINTERS’ WAR. This time out it’s called HIGH ROCKS REVENGE (A WINTERS FAMILY RANCH NOVEL), the first in a series about the Winters family and their ranching triumphs and travails in the shadow of Wyoming’s Teton Range in the 1870s.

The third book to come out as a new, spiffed large-print version will be my novel, HOT LEAD, COLD HEART. The new version, MASON THE MANKILLER, is, for those who’ve not (yet) read it, an adventure from the end of Mason the Mankiller’s long career as the famous “killer of killers.” That book is also set up to be the first in a series of stories from Mason’s long career.

I only hope I have enough time to write them all! In the meantime, I’m pleased as punch to see these books given new duds and access to a whole slice of readers they might not otherwise have reached. Ride ’em, boys!