Get Teague! A Gritty Press Short Story … of Redneck RevengeTo kick off the sizzling summer season, Gritty Press has just released my short story, GET TEAGUE! It’s a tale of redneck revenge! Yee-haw!

White-trash dimwits Judd and Kurl set out on a drug-fueled mission to track down the man they blame for their addictions — they aim to GET TEAGUE! And they aren’t about to let anyone stop them, until they cross paths with a crusty old mechanic and his baggy full of strange blue powder….

Fans of Elmore Leonard’s bumbling baddies and wise-cracking weirdos will find themselves right at home in this 6,700-word romp as Judd and Kurl lurch their way through their latest escapade, baying at the moon and white-knuckling down the highway to GET TEAGUE!

For less than a buck, you can find out where these two drug-addled dim-bulbs are headed. Hop in, and pass me the corn chips!

Available now: Kindle | NOOK | KOBO