The Hunted Audiobook

My 2013 novel, THE HUNTED, just came out as an audiobook, and the sample I’ve heard sounds mighty fine—and the cover’s a corker, too. Here’s a link in case you’re tempted to give it a listen:

Big Charlie Chilton knows better than to lose his temper, but when a loudmouth threatens to expose his long-buried secrets, he can’t help but teach the man a lesson about being quiet. Unfortunately, it turns out the man was about to make an important supply run for the town, and Marshal Watt knows just enough about Shotgun Charlie’s past to draft him into service in his stead.

The trek north would be treacherous enough with the snow and the threat of an Indian attack, but the ragtag drunkards running the freighting outfit put Charlie ill-at-ease. When bad blood springs up between them, Charlie is left for dead on the side of the mountain. But they should have made sure he was really gone–because the wounded bear of a man isn’t down for the count, and he’s ready to bring vengeance on those who did him wrong…

I had so much fun with Big Charlie Chilton that I brought him back a couple of years later in SHOTGUN CHARLIE (a prequel to THE HUNTED). It came out in 2015 and explains how Big Charlie gained his ill-fitting moniker. Here’s a link: