Timberline (A Roamer Western) by Matthew P MayoAnybody up for a grim, midwinter, high-mountain manhunt? If that is your cuppa, might I recommend pre-ordering your very own copy of my next novel, TIMBERLINE (A ROAMER WESTERN) at the bookstore/online outlet of your choice. This brand-new escapade is the third in my series of novels featuring Roamer and his crusty mentor, the mountain man Maple Jack, and they ride into view in May. Here’s the lowdown on TIMBERLINE:

A high-country train trek turns into a blizzard-bound trainwreck-from-hell for Roamer as a gang of gunmen run roughshod on the rails. They blow the safe, abscond with a mysterious young woman, and torch the train, leaving passengers to burn in the midst of a blizzard. Trailing death in its wake, the gang heads to the high country with Roamer dogging them on foot, the only man bold enough to track them—until he’s joined by his cantankerous old mentor, tough-as-nails mountain man Maple Jack. The men converge on the gang in the mountain valley ghost town of Sapphire City, and drive them beyond . . . deep into the maw of a fresh and vicious blizzard that unleashes its merciless might. With righteous rage and hard justice their only allies, Roamer and Maple Jack prepare for a final showdown at . . . Timberline.

If you’re new to the series and can’t wait to find out more about Roamer and Maple Jack, the first Roamer outing, WRONG TOWN, and the second, NORTH OF FORSAKEN, are up for grabs in paperback, hardcover, and ebook versions … right now!

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