From romance and robberies to cowboys and Indians, the Old West is filled with phenomenal happenings, curious mysteries, and ghastly ghosts that are sure to send a chill down any spine.

Haunted Old West is the petrifyingly perfect collection for any campfire gathering. Grab a copy … if you dare!

Globe Pequot Press, 256 pages, August 21, 2012, softcover

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“Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? The Old West has inspired quite a few, and Matthew Mayo has collected a diverse assortment perfect for reading around the campfire after a long day’s ride. Just don’t expect to sleep too well afterward.

Among the legends chronicled in Haunted Old West is that of Big Jack Davis, a respected businessman by day and thief by night. Shot in the back while robbing a stagecoach, Davis still protects his earthly treasures as the Bandit Ghoul of Six Mile Canyon. There’s also the story of Garnet, a Montana ghost town from which, on certain nights, people have reported hearing music in the saloon and the ringing of the blacksmith’s anvil.”

—Cowboys & Indians Magazine's blog

“A sleepless night spent in a haunted Irish hotel fascinated Matthew P. Mayo enough to set him on the trail identifying similar hair-raising sites in the Old West. He includes stories that could unsettle spook-prone readers or interest thrill-seeking travelers enough so they’d visit and experience the phenomena themselves.

The specter of a murdered miner with a hatchet buried in his forehead wanders about his claim, music plays in an abandoned saloon and a rocking chair persists in relocating itself to a window where a woman always sat. Mayo features 28 stories set in brothels, ghost towns, battlefields, mansions and much more to acquaint readers with the world of the paranormal in the Old West.”

—Lynn D. Bueling

Roundup Magazine

Author Matthew P. Mayo spins frightening ghost stories and … writes a spellbinding book … not only entertains the reader, but imparts a great deal of Old West history. The book’s a wonderful read and reminds the reader of the stories one tells on a dark night around the campfire that keep listeners awake or sleeping with one eye open for the rest of the night. I recommend the book to those who love ghosts stories, history, and the Old West.

—Janice Semmel

Janice's Review Blog