(Book 3 in The Outfit series)

Pub. Date: October 17, 2018

Cookie McGee finds his trail pard, Rafe Barr, head of THE OUTFIT, near death from a vicious knife attack in a Santa Fe alleyway. The town is a-crawl with soldiers out for their blood, but with Doc at the helm, Ethel the War Wagon slips through. The outlaw duo heads for help in California, but the governor needs THE OUTFIT’s help as much as they need his — he’s being blackmailed by Talbot Timmons, head of covert Confederate group, Brotherhood of the Phoenix, and warden of Yuma Territorial Prison, Rafe’s wrongful address for five hellish years. Then notorious killer, Turk Mincher, rides in and makes a bloody mess in their midst. Righteous resolution descends at the only place it can — Yuma Territorial Prison, where it all began six years before. Can THE OUTFIT escape unscathed?

Five Star Publishing, 281 pages, October 2018

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Critical Acclaim for Matthew P. Mayo’s THE OUTFIT series:

“This one will keep you awake at night.… Let’s hope we won’t have to wait too long for the next one.” —Roundup Magazine

“Mayo delivers another rollicking, old-fashioned Western with THE OUTFIT: TO HELL AND BACK. Mayo always spins a good yarn, and this entertaining novel of the Old West is no exception.” —Big Sky Journal