Pub. Date: June 17, 2020

Abused orphan boy, Orville “Dilly” Dillard Jr., travels west from Ohio to Wyoming and ends up at the Hatterson Cattle Ranch. He makes friends—as well as a few enemies—and dares to wonder if he’s found a home after all. He also finds himself smack in the middle of the infamous and all-too-real Sheep Wars, in which dozens of sheepherders are murdered and few of the attacking cattlemen are ever held accountable. Whichever side Dilly chooses will set the course for the rest of his days. Either way, he has a brutal fight on his hands.

Five Star Publishing, 213 pages, June 2020

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Critical Acclaim for Matthew P. Mayo’s DILLY

“Mayo, an old hand at writing, has penned a gripping story about conflict fought over grazing rights, namely the historical sheep and cattle wars…. What unfolds will keep you reading.”

—Roundup Magazine